Meeting Program - July 2017

Measuring the Air, Part II.

Nels, WA9JOB, will discuss tweaking broadcast-band commercial antennas for the July program.

June 24-25, 2017

The Ozaukee Radio Club participates annually in the ARRL sponsored Field Day Weekend. The object of Field Day is to set up and operate amateur radio stations using emergency power and temporary antennas. An emphasis is placed on developing skills to meet the challenge of emergency preparedness. Operators try to contact as many other amateurs radio stations as possible during this period and at the same time having fun with their families in the outdoor camping atmosphere of Field Day.  The location for the ORC Field Day event (held each year over the fourth weekend of June) is at Pleasant Valley Nature Park which is northwest of Grafton, WI.  Site map

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Stop out on Friday if you can help out with the setup of the tents and equipment.  Potluck supper will served along with plenty of refreshments.  A good game of sheepshead will provide great entertainment as well.  Be sure to check out ARRL's link for more information about Field Day in general.
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Upcoming programs
July - Nels, WA9JOB - Part II
Aug - Bernard, K9JAT - Resistivity
Sept - Ed, AA9W - Television Camera Tubes
Oct - John, W9FAD - AC Motors

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