Club Repeaters

  146.970 (-) 127.3 PL  |  224.180 (-)  127.3 PL |  443.750 (+) 127.3 PL

Repeater Trustee: Mike Harrington, KD9GCN

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Coming Soon!
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ORC Key Up #2 Rules Rev 5.docx
Ozaukee Radio Club “Key Up #2” Activity
Purpose: To support training in radio communications, talk with other
amateurs, improve operating skills and encourage use of the Ozaukee
Radio Club (ORC) repeaters.
Objective: To contact ORC members using any of the ORC repeaters.
Who can participate: All licensed hams are welcome to participate. You
do not need to be a member of the ORC.
Date and Time: The event will begin on Friday, January 14, 2022 at 5:00 P.M. Central Time and end at
5:00 P.M Central Time on Sunday, January 23, 2022.
Mode: FM
Exchange: Call sign, name, ORC membership (member or non-member), class (fixed / mobile)
Entry: For each contact, record call sign, name, time, date, ORC member status, class and repeater
used. If you operate more than one class, submit a separate log for each class.
Award: Qualifying entries may request a certificate. A separate award will be made for each class of
1. All contacts must be made using one of the ORC repeater systems during the activity period.
Frequency Offset PL Tone
146.970 - 127.3
224.180 - 127.3
443.750 + 127.3
2. Class
Fixed Class All operation occurs from the home location.
Mobile/Portable Class all operation occurs portable and/or mobile. All contacts must be made more
than 1000 feet from the home location. Stations must identify as being portable or mobile when
operating away from the home location.
These are separate classes and members must submit a separate log for each class in which they
compete. Stations can compete in both classes. Other stations can work the same call sign twice for
credit, one for the fixed station and once for portable/mobile. A station cannot be worked portable and
again on mobile for credit.
For example, if you work W9JI/M, you cannot work W9JI/P for credit, but you can work W9JI from his
home station for point credit.


ORC Key Up #2 Rules Rev 5.docx
3. Scoring Three points for every ORC Member worked, one point for non-members. Each station may
be contacted once per repeater per class. Contacts made during the Tuesday net do not count for credit.
To calculate your final score, multiply the number of ORC members worked on each repeater by three.
Multiply the number of non-members worked on each repeater by one. Add the member and non-
members points. Submit a separate log for each class of operation for which you are claiming credit.
Example #1: W9JI worked 15 ORC member on the 2 meter repeater and 7 ORC members on the 440
MHz repeater for a total of 22 members, multiplied by 3 for a score of 66 member points. He also
worked 8 non-members on the 2 meter repeater and 4 non-members on the 440 MHz repeater, a total
of 12 non-members, for a score of 12 non-member points. W9JI’s total score is 66 member points plus
12 non-member points for a total of 78 points.
Example #2: W9JI worked W9XT on the 2 meter repeater. W9JI also worked W9XT/mobile on the 2
meter repeater. W9XT is an ORC member. W9JI can claim 3 points for each contact, for a total of 6
member points. W9XT can claim 3 points for the fixed station contact and 3 points for the mobile
contact, as he was operating as a different station for each contact. W9XT operated both fixed and
portable/mobile and must submit a separate log for each class.
4. Operating Conduct Remember that a repeater is a system shared by many people. Maintain good
operating practice at all times and listen before you transmit. Only one person can talk at a time!
5. Safety Mobile operation can be distracting. Stop at a safe location before participating in the
contest. Be especially careful when logging so as not to endanger yourself and others.
6. Logs may be paper or electronic Cabrillo, .doc, .docx, spreadsheet or plain text format
7. Entries will be reviewed by the Awards Manager
8. The Awards Manager may verify some or all of the contacts claimed for credit. All decisions of the
Awards Manager are final
9. All entries must be received by January 30, 2022
10. Send your entry to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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