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  146.970 (-) 127.3 PL  |  224.180 (-)  127.3 PL |  443.750 (+) 127.3 PL

Repeater Trustee: Mike Harrington, KD9GCN

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Coming Soon - Spring Swapfest

Coming Soon!
ORC Spring Swapfest

Sat. APRIL 30th, 2022, 8 AM -  12 noon at the Columbia St. Mary’s Center, Cedarburg. Click here to download flyer


Purchase Wind Shirt, Polo Shirt, Hat & Jackets!

All items can be ordered from Gary Drasch (K9DJT)
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Orders usually take a few weeks and Gary will notifiy you when they come in.  



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Computer Corner

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Entire PDF set (7/1993 - 12/2021) (22.8 MB)

The index file has a listing of all 'Computer Corner' articles that have been published.

Ham Nation

Ham Nation on YouTube

Ham Nation, the show about ham radio, has moved off TWiT TV and can be found on the Ham Radio Crash Course Channel on YouTube. New host Josh Nass (KI6NAZ), with various co-hosts and guests, will continue to cover the excitement and importance of ham radio. Stay on top of the latest episodes by subcribing to the Ham Radio Crash Course Channel on YouTube.

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