The following positions are appointed by the President. If you are able to assist with any of the open positions, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

 50/50 Raffle

 Kristian Moberg, KC9TFP

 Annual Awards Banquet  Kevin Steers, K9VIN, Chair


 Gus (Sandy) Wirth, W9BTN, Chair

Jim Albrinck, K9QLP

Ed Rate, AA9W


 Ken Boston, W9GA

 Club Swag (Caps & etc.)  Gary Drasch, K9DJT

 Corn Roast


 FCC Licensing & Advancement  Tom Ruhlmann, W9IPR, Chair

 Facebook Page Manager

 Robert Eskola, K4WTH

 Fall Swapfest

 Tom Ruhlmann, W9IPR, Chair

 Field Day

 Ken Boston, W9GA, Chair

                Robert Eskola K4WTH, Network Manager


 Robert Eskola, K4WTH

 Lighthouse Event


Tom Nawrot AA9XK,

Loren Jentz N9ENR,

Tom Murtaugh W9VBQ

 Meeting Name Tag Assurance  Robert Eskola, K4WTH
 Meeting Programs  Pat Volkmann, W9JI


 Dave Barrow, N9UNR, Chair

 Newsletter Editor

 Tom Ruhlmann, W9IPR

 Nominations Committee

 Ken Boston, W9GA, Chair

Jim Albrinck K9QLP,

Bill Shadid W9MXQ,

Chuck Curran W9KR,

Tom Ruhlmann W9IPR


 Johnathan Crawford, KD9AMW

 Public Service Liason

 Jim Albrinck, K9QLP

 Scholarship Committee

 Tom Ruhlmann, W9IPR, Chair

Ed Rate AA9W, Treasurer

Chuck Curran W9KR, eBay Coordinator

Stan Kaplan WB9RQR

John Strachota W9FAD

Bill Shadid W9MXQ, Equipment Evaluator

 Spring Swapfest

 Kristian Moberg, KC9TFP

 Sunshine Committee  Nancy Stecker, KC9FCK


 Ben Evans, K9UZ


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Ham Nation

Ham Nation webcast - Every Wed @ 8pm CT

HAM Nation is the new TWIT show ( about ham radio. Bob Heil (K9EID), with various co-hosts and guests will cover the excitement and importance of ham radio - from tossing an antenna wire in a tree allowing you to talk to the world, to the importance of ham radio operators in time of disasters. HAM Nation airs live each Wednesday at 8:00 CT/ 9:00ET on

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