1962-1965 Harvey Goldberg, K9EOY      
1966 Hal Giese, W9RXJ      
1967-1968 Dave Riedel, WA9IRK      
1969 Bob Krubsack, WA9KBB      
1970-1973 unknown      
1974 Fred Stolte, W9UFW      
1975 Travis Baird, W9VQD      
1976 Bob Truscott, W9LO            
1977-1979 Edwin Bach, WA9BMA      
1980 Barry Anderson, WB9SFK      
1981 Terry Berg, WA9AWO      
1982 Mike Behlen, WD9FQW      
1983-1984 Joe Bauer, W9WQ      
1985 Stan Kaplan, WB9RQR      
1986 Jim Albrinck, KA9QLP      
1987 Kyle Jeske, WA9USD      
1988 Mark Sebern, WA9JMS      
1989 Dick Scarvaci, K9CAN      
1990 Mike Matthies, WJ9O      
1991 Gregg Lengling, WD9DHI      
1992-1993 John Strachota, WB9OHY      
1994-1995 Gabe Chido, N9QQA      
1996 Joe Holly, AA9HR      
1997 Bill Raymond, AA9OS      
1998-2002 Leon Rediske, K9GCF      
2003-2004 Vic Shier, KB9UKE      
2005-2007 Tom Ruhlmann, W9IPR      
2008 Mike Yuhas, AB9ON      
2009-2010 Bill Howe, KA9WRL
2011 Dave Barrow, N9UNR
2012-2013 Ken Boston, W9GA
2014 Gary Drasch, K9DJT
2015-2016 Chuck Curran, W9KR

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